Monday, 11 June 2018

Can you feel it?

Yeah! Here's another update on my new-old stuff:

1. I've been making polymer clay figurines.
The first one was this pretty little pineapple:


Then came Cheesy McSnackface:

Now I'd still like to make some big-eyed cherries and a pear, so be prepared for more madness!

2. Moooooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeee boxes!!!!

And here comes banana paper (the peels are printed with golden paint, but you can't really see that on my crappy phone photos, sorry), which I printed for one of them:

 Here's one of my favourite (because: knights!) boxes, I made some weeks ago:


 Then I made this totally useless (maybe not totally useless, but I think it's too small), but nice looking box:


There are two removable parts in its middle, which can be taken out by tiny straps on their sides.
Isn't it nice? :D

And last but not least: my (unfinished) sunflower box:


3. One more textile screen print: 


I can feel it!

4. I went to Hamburg and visited the Zoological Museum, where I took a lot of photos of funny looking taxidermied birds:

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Es lebt!


Since people (meaning Paul) keep asking if this page is still a thing, here's an update on some of my stuff. 
[But first: my studio is anything but a good place for taking photos of anything. Also I didn't have my good cam there, so I used my "different" one (wich I prefere to use when I need blurry/crappy photos of stuff).]

As I already mentioned (4 month ago?!) I continued making boxes:


Plus I made a toolbox for my bookbinding tools (with two removable parts.):

Then I tried textile printing for the first time in the new screen printing workshop (same place where I have my studio now). Which was very exciting, because it felt like I'd fuck everytrhing up the whole time, but I didn't (yay!):


Aaaaaaand here are some photos of a new booklet I'm working on: 

Plus my favourite thing in the new workshop (dunno who made it though):

That's it (for now). Bye!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hey hey

Big news...I started making boxes. :D

 Also new postcards!

 (You can't see it on the photos, but I used glittering blue...Don't know why, but I'm currently obsessed with glittering paint. :D )

More boxes + postcards coming soon.